Monika – Mehemed illustration

Alex Alexeev is my son, he created this fantastic illustration about an awesome tale, what he learned in the school. I just made mine just because actually it is my site, even if he is more talented… 🙂
Alex – Mehemed
Also you can read the tale in my translation:

Turkish and the Cows

Once a Turkish, Mehemed
No cow whom ever met
He just even didn’t know
How cows should be called

When the Turkish took a bow
He could see many cows
It’s a wonder!-said Mehemed
Do they really look like that?

Hi, my name is Mehemed
I’m very glad that we’ve met
Start to count all the moos
They just have a lot of hues

Suddenly he understood
There are only 3 type of moos
Black, white and brindled are main
Just never pull their tiny tail!

But Mehemed was not as clever
And those cows just kicked him over!