Children's book illustration - The Pig and the wolves

Once upon a time there was a little pig, who had a little house in a deep forest. Once, when the little pig was cooking a lunch for himself, suddenly the big draggled wolf came and said through the door:
– Please let me in my kind ,dear piggy-wiggy, it’s such a cold outside ,I’m freezing!
– I am not as silly to let you in, because you’re gonna eat me!
– At least let one of my back foot!
The little pig opened the door and let one of back foot of the wolf. But he already thought
will be helpful to put a cooking pot on the cooker full of water.
After a few seconds the wolf said again:
– Hey , my friend, dear piggy-wiggy , let my other back leg in the door, it is really cold out here!
The little pig let the other leg either. But even this was not enough for the cruel wolf, soon he
started again:

The pig and the wolves folk-tale
The pig and the wolves folk-tale

– My best friend piggy, please let both of my front feet also.
The little pig let his front feet, but even this was not enough for the wolf, then started again:
-My sweety-kindy piggy- wiggy, let my body in completely, believe me you’ll see I do not touch you even with a finger!
Then the little pig put a bag watchfully next to the door, if this draggled wolf comes from the back directly to the bag. So the little pig could let him in!
The wolf went straight to the bag, the piggy suddenly closed the mouth of the bag, picked the pot full of hot water and scalded the rude wolf with it and fastly climbed the nearest tree next to his house. The wolf was shouting and crying, that the boiled water took all hair away from his body like no one remained on. After all was rolling around madly, then could open the bag. He slipped out from it, and started to run immediately to bring some help. Soon came with several of his wolves, they all were searching for the little pig . Till then when one of them could watch him on the top of the tree, hanging on it. The cruel wolves were standing below , and thinking what can they do ? ‘Cause none of them could climb even a bush, not even a tall tree.

So later on had a desicion, that they will climb on each other, to be as high then the upper wolf can reach this tricky piggy.
Then the wolves started to climb on each others back, but the bold, the wretched one stayed under all, because he was such as scared, like this everybody was standing on him.
They were standing so high, only one made a mistake, so this one could climb too, but then the little pig was shouting on them: Stream the boiled water on bold!
The bold wolf got frightened, jumped out from under all the wolves were flying down one by one, who had broken legs and necks, and this luckness bold was running as fastly as never could see him anymore, anywhere.

The little pig scrambled down from the tree, no one wolf was enough brave to disturb him in his house anymore.