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Children's Book Story writer Wanted

Since a long time I have a big desire, to create an unique story for my characters, what would be simpler and different than other children books on the market, because of the minimal style and a funny story, what needed for…

Therefore I am looking for a writer, who has a special humour, senses and feelings for the children who would see and feel the story( they can’t read yet:) with a lot of animals and absurd situations.

Please note me if you have some ideas and feel able to do something good and funny together with me. Please use my contact page!

Please note, that I’m not a book publisher company!
I just looking for Someone, who are in the same situlation: do project works for publishers, have experience, and want to start to publish own books. I can not pay for stories! Please admit, that as when You look for an illustrator for Your work You will hate some and love some, I’ll feel almost the same. We are different! 🙂