Children's book illustration - Nyunya and the Sea monster

Technical instruction for make childrens book illustration

Nyunya and the Sea Monster illustration

Nyunya and the Sea Monster illustration

I would like to share my drawing-technics with You, who is visiting my new site. Maybe it can bring some new experiences..:)

So, the first what I do is to DRAW! It sounds very simple , isn’t it!? But seriously, first I imagine the picture in my head, and then create a rough with HB or 2B pencil ( it depends what I have at home :) )┬á on paper A4. When I feel ok, or sometimes fabulous (rearly) it is ready to clean-up, I use a non-permanent black pen, the exact name of it is Stabilo OHPen Universal. I tell because this is a wonderful pen, helped me a lot during work. After all these I scan the picture on 300 dpi in Photoshop as PSD format. In Photoshop the first thing what I do is to choose the right colors for the background, because later they can’t be changed so much, for example: the sky is blue, the tree and grass are green, the water can be dark blue, etc..

The moon expedition illustration

The moon expedition illustration

Later it will be easier to compare the colors with the smaller details. Normally I use the paint bucket to fill the big areas, after with Tablet I can paint with the brush tool, to make some shadows I use in multiply mode. But the most important in coloring is the bright-feeling when I am watching the picture, it shouldn’t upset me.
Sometimes happens to me that I am not satisfied with my result, then I have to import some different layers with other characters or new details.

So that is! I hope I said everything for You, anywhere You are!

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  1. Sandra Levi
    - 2009. September 21. Monday

    Wonderful illustrations! So much character. I love your style. I too am an illustrator and use the same technique.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Sandra Levi

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