Russia - Ukraine - gas tunnel conflight comics illustration

Russia and Ukraine gas conflict comics illustration

That is, our new situation where we are living in..

We have to survive, try to in coldness, in freezing weather without gas-heating what was not expected. Therefore Europe is in panic, can hear in the news hopeless informations about russian-ukranien incident, can believe in God, and also can believe in Nostradamus and his forecasts..

This drawing was made for the irony, what people feel about the national war of Russia and Ukraine .
Big thanks for their help!

10 Responses to Russia and Ukraine gas conflict comics illustration

  1. Urszula
    - 2009. January 29. Thursday

    It is a great illustration! Not only for kids but for adults too. Very amusing :)

  2. Houston
    - 2009. March 2. Monday

    Are you serious? Ukraine did NOT profit from this incident at all. I find this illustration EXTREMELY offensive, portraying Ukraine as a robber of western Europe pocketing the cash. Do some research on Ukraine and Russian backgrounds and actually research the situation before you draw a cartoon about it. Once again I find this extremely offensive.

  3. Lincoln
    - 2009. September 22. Tuesday

    wow, this is offensive, ukraine and russia aren’t as good of friends as you think, this is wrong ukraine is not pocketing anything, russia is stealing from everybody….

  4. katrin
    - 2009. October 8. Thursday

    I think It’s funny..

  5. adrian
    - 2009. October 12. Monday

    nice grafix, yet ur knowledge about the subject is non!
    u r talentet, but ignorant, i hope rther goin’ with stupidity than bad will…
    i future, stay with children stories..
    all the best!

  6. Kyle Svet
    - 2009. October 13. Tuesday

    I find this illustration to be pretty good and Ukraine does profit from this. Number one Ukraine steals a huge quantity of fuel.

    I live on this side of the world and have done my research and this is actually slanted too hard against Russia and not enough about the underhanded theft of Ukraine.

    The one thing that is rock on is the fact that Ukraine cuts the gas flow…

    Bad Ukraine.


  7. alex
    - 2009. October 31. Saturday

    I agry for me this illustration EXTREMELY offensive to!

  8. Jake
    - 2010. October 6. Wednesday

    I am in agreement with Houston. It wasn’t Ukraine that controlled or turned off the gas, but Russia. Ukraine’s welfare has been decimated by Russia over and over again since the very beginning of the Kievan Rus. This is just another example of non-Russian Slavic nations getting the short end of the stick.

  9. good dont kn ow
    - 2011. February 28. Monday

    lol extremly funny ~

  10. Proof
    - 2013. January 31. Thursday

    The pic is really great, except that it doesn’t illustrate what has really happened. It wasn’t Ukraine who cut off the gas, it was Russia. Gazprom of Russia cut off the gaz to Ukraine and consequently to the EU. It was even recognized by the European Union delegation which visited both Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine used its own (biggest in Europe) underground gas storage facilities and even sent gas to Romania and Bulgaria. Cheers.

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