Jugglers web design illustration

Jugglers – illustration as web design

These characters were done for a juggling-site. Here it is:


The cats and mice story is the most favourite theme forever, if  you remember Tom and Jerry. I really would like to make a coloring book with this kind of drawings, I hope to get a chance:)

Next time I will show more coloring versions near to realistic style.

2 Responses to Jugglers – illustration as web design

  1. Mari Vela
    - 2011. August 9. Tuesday

    Looking for a picturebook illustrator. May I have rates for 14 illustrations. Thank you.

  2. Monika Vass
    - 2011. September 3. Saturday

    Hello Mari,

    Please fill in my contact form, and send me detailed information about what are You looking for.

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